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Price: 15.99
Brand: Fortnite
When we were younger, before all of the realism of adulthood came crashing down, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you want to be a pirate? An airplane? What about becoming a dragon? We can’t help you IRL, but in Fortnite you can definitely become a dragon and get this Fortnite Hybrid Action Figure to commemorate it. While becoming a lizard person in the game involves a lot of time, energy and headaches to get to the target, you can get this Hybrid outfit much easier. It comes with weapons, accessories and a base with a collector’s edition window box (for you purists out there!) This action figure makes an apt gift for that kid who just started playing it and won’t stop talking about it. So don’t wait! Order yours today and become the dragon you were born to be. Contains: Fortnite 7" Hybrid Action Figure with 22 moving parts Age: 12+