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Price: 12.99
Brand: Fortnite
The battle Royale collection all terrain Kart vehicle comes with an Fortnite Mini-figure and accessories. Cruise around the map with drift in the battle Royale collection all terrain Kart. you can bring along your favourite 2 Inch Figures from the collection As the passengers cruise the island and attack. Authentic details.The all terrain Kart was designed for the true Fortnite fan, complete with authentic details. It's one of the more recognizable vehicles in Fortnite and a Must-Have for any collector. Load up your Squad. Pegs allow you to display 2 Inch Figures inside and on the back of the ATK, holding up to four of your battle Royale collection.Exclusive figure, drift. The 2 Inch Figure was designed exclusively for the all terrain Kart. Drift can grip onto the steering wheel to navigate through any terrain and comes with an 2 accessories and premium detailing.Contains: Fortnite All Terrain Kart Vehicle & Drift FigureAge: 8+Batteries: N/A